Experience the Unexpected

You might not expect a small town to offer world-class amenities. You likely don’t expect an upscale dining experience, or a meal prepared by an acclaimed culinary team. You may be surprised to learn you can stay in a restored guest house from the 1900s and spend the day relaxing at a boutique spa. You don’t expect to shop for gifts made by skilled local artists, or to find natural bath products that are made onsite. Yet when you visit Stanford, Kentucky, you experience the unexpected.

Selah in Stanford

Join us on a restorative journey as we embrace the arrival of spring during Selah in Stanford: A Yoga Retreat for Renewal with Mary Beth McKinley. Embrace the moments of stillness and reflection as you transition into the new energy that this season brings. Allow yourself to be guided toward a renewed sense of self during our Selah Yoga Retreat. Our retreat focuses on nurturing and renewing your holistic well-being through love, gentleness, and kindness. From yoga sessions that greet the day with grace and gratitude to evening meditations that encourage peace and ease, every moment is an opportunity to pause, reflect, and connect with the new energies of spring. You will have time for personal introspection, walks amidst nature's budding beauty, and nourishing meals that support your journey to renewal. We will also enjoy fellowship and connection with our community of retreat guests in a supportive atmosphere built on a foundation of love and kindness towards ourselves and others. We will also offer enrichment activities tailored to encourage new and supportive rhythms and routines for spring. View the itinerary and reserve your space now. Gift yourself this soulful journey of renewal amidst the serenity of spring.

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